Intrinsic Motivation Leads to Creative Excellence

Can your job also be a hobby? We think it can! Research has shown that students are more likely to reach higher academic achievement and enjoyment if they:

  • attribute results to factors they control (i.e., the effort they put in),
  • find meaning and importance in reaching their goals, and
  • want to understand and master a topic, not just achieve good grades.

Why not apply the same concept to the workplace? Most employers motivate extrinsically through the use of money, coercion, and threat of punishment. Rather than focusing on personal fulfillment and quality solutions, these companies rely on extrinsic motivation and focus their employees on bonuses and other rewards.

At Gray Tier we believe that innovative technology comes from creativity, not financial rewards. Financial rewards are the results of success, and not our WHY! We strive to foster an environment that is focused on people motivated by a challenge, just as an athlete may compete for the love of the sport.

When a company commits to the intrinsic motivation rewards model, then creative scientists and engineers can fulfill their need to solve challenges and explore their curiosity. Before leaving school and entering the workforce, most talented computer scientists learn to program, or solve math equations because they find them enjoyable. The motivation comes from the excitement and feeling of achievement that solving the problem provides. When the same motivation can be found at work, intrinsically, then creative excellence can be realized!

Family & Culture

Gray Tier Technologies, LLC. is deeply rooted in designing and implementing cyber security solutions to assist network defenders. Gray Tier Technologies, LLC Cybersecurity primary focuses:

  • Threat Simulations through Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) & Insider threat Network Penetration Testing
  • Cyber Intelligence
  • Offensive & Defensive Cybersecurity Automation Development
  • Research & Development Cybersecurity Tatics
  • Vulnerability Research & Exploit Development

To be the best, we have to hire the best. We understand that we nothing without our employees. For that, we are 100% focused on the welfare of our employees in all of our decision-making. All of our employees are 100% vested day 1. Our benefits do not just focus on the employee but the employees family as well. We highly encourage our employees to interact with the InfoSec community. We highly encourage our employees to discuss, brief, collaborate, interact on social media, attend conferences on or about InfoSec. Gray Tier Technologies, LLC will always strive to create an atmosphere of personal development and growth within our company culture.