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Gray Tier Technologies continues to grow

Gray Tier Technologies continues the positive trend in January and February 2017.  By the end of February Gray Tier will add 5 new employees to its staff, mostly to the JSP-DCO effort.  Gray Tier Technologies continues to focus on highly technical talent which will assist the Pentagon Computer Incident Response Team as Cyber Intelligent Analysts and Incident Handlers. We are excited to introduce Andrei Watts, Sergio Capp, Wynoka Munlyn, Brandon Burrell, & Matt Krieger to the Gray Tier Family.   

Gray Tier Technologies is growing: The long road taken

Gray Tier Technologies would like to introduce our first employee, Daniel Harbuz.  As Gray Tier Technologies set out on this path 18 months ago, adding bright and talented people into the family is always our goal.  With his Military leadership background and technical knowledge, Dan fits Gray Tier's mold perfectly.  I am excited to have Dan start this new challenge with us, and we look forward to working with him to further develop Gray Tier Technologies into a stronger InfoSec company.