Gray Tier is an advanced security company that focuses on developing technical solutions to the toughest cyber security challenges facing our customers

Our Mission

To prepare our customers to defend their systems against global cyber threats.

Our Vision

To be the premier security services and solutions provider for our enterprise, government, and military customers.

Gray Tier is an advanced consulting company that focuses on, developing, technical solutions to the toughest cyber security challenges faced by both Enterprise and Government customers.

Gray Tier approaches challenges by leveraging our years of technical experience in IT security, system administration, and engineering to provide custom solutions that our clients can immediately use to enhance the security of their IT assets.

Gray Tier's "Cyber Adversary" service is our advanced custom offering that provides an emulation of specific threat vectors, typically used by Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), to offer a security assessment of Information Technology (IT) systems and networks with the goal of providing a realistic scenario based evaluation of technical and procedural countermeasures.

Gray Tier's technical and professional expertise is the foundation of the services we offer to our clients. We take pride in our developments and contributions to the security community. Our team is most at home focusing on the toughest challenges facing our clients. Whether it is leveraging advanced scientific research and development, providing the most up-to-date relevant training, and/or using our proprietary technologies, Gray Tier is poised to offer cutting edge solutions to our clients.

Gray Tier

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